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Anxiety and Eyelash Extensions

There is a sense of panic that sets in for first time clients when they arrive at their appointment and hear that they will need to sit still for up to three full hours. As an eyelash artist it is my job to set the fears free by taking care of my clients and making sure they are 100% secure and safe in my salon. I will ask questions that have nothing to do with eyelashes to change the tone. It is only your job to relax and feel beautiful when you open your eyes.

I met a phenomenal gal just last week who had always wanted lash extensions. We met for a consultation and it all seemed well, until I was prepping her eyes to apply the pads. I could sense her fears and so I backed off a bit and assured her that it was ok to be afraid the first time and that it would be alright if we needed to reschedule. Nothing is more important than feeling comfortable and at ease during this process. We talked a little while and she said, " Brandy, I think I am finally ready." We ended up with an amazing result and both her and I felt better easing into her first lash appointment.

My point is lashing should always be a nice, calming experience.

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