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Poor retention.

Poor Retention

Our eyelashes naturally grow and shed in cycles. Just like the hair on our head! The average eyelash life cycle lasts 100 days. Not 100 days with a lash extension applied to it. 100 days from the conception of the hair below the surface of your skin to finally shedding off of the eye.

If your extensions are falling off before the recommended 3 weeks before your fill, this blog post is for you! Below are 10 reasons your lash extensions are falling off faster than they should be…

1. Your lashes were not adequately cleansed before they were applied.

Wash your eye area + lashes so they are completely free of moisturizer + makeup such as eye shadow and concealer before your appointment so your artist has a clean surface to work with. Repeat after me. Lash extensions do not stick to dirty lashes.

2. Your artist was unable to create a strong bond while applying the extension.

Watery + fluttery eyes are often caused by talking a lot during your appointment. Ensuring the adhesive has a strong bond to your natural lash + the extension is paramount so they’re not popping off after combing, sleeping or cleansing. Try skipping your cup of caffeine before hand, and keeping small talk to a minimum during your appointment.

3. You aren’t cleansing your lash line successfully.

Noticing a trend here? Cleanse, cleanse, cleanse! Oil, dead skin cells, and makeup (think foundation, concealer, or setting spray) all get trapped in your lash line throughout the day. You have to cleanse your lashes with a lash extension safe cleanser at least once per day to prevent a build up at your lash line.

Ask about purchasing these at your next appointment!

4. Your hair product is affecting your retention.

Shampoo + conditioner often have oil-like ingredients to help keep our locks healthy. When we rinse the suds from our hair there is often run-off that streams through the eye area. You better bet-your-bottom-dollar the oil from your shampoo + conditioner is sitting on your lash line and breaking down your lash extension adhesive. Wash your lashes with your cleanser after you wash your hair to help clean away hair product oil!

5. You’re combing your lashes too hard.

Are you rolling your spoolie from root to tip? Chances are you’re catching the base of the extension that is bonded to your natural lash. This is one of the biggest culprits for folks who think their after care routine is correct. Try gently combing your lashes from the middle of the lash to the tip instead!

6. You haven’t adjusted the way you comb your lashes after 2-3 weeks of growth.

Your lash extensions are meticulously placed 1-2mm from your lash line. However, your natural lashes are constantly growing. That means the placement of the base of the extension is also growing further + further from your lash line. Be intentional about combing your lashes extra gently from mid to tip closer to your fill appointment to avoid pulling grown out extensions off your natural lash.

7. You’re not drying your lashes.

Let those lashies fluff dry, baby! Use a heartless fan. Excess heat from a blow dryer (please do not even reach for it) will warm the base of your lashes. The intense speed of the air + the hot temps are a recipe for poor retention. Let your extensions completely dry before combing too! The steam from your bath and shower has been known to warm the bond of the adhesive, causing extensions to fall off prematurely.

8. Your choice of exercise isn’t compatible with lash extensions.

Hot yoga. I love getting my sweat on in a toasty room. However, the increased heat temp + increased humidity means you’re likely sweating more. Our eyelids naturally product oil to keep our thin, sensitive eyelid skin healthy! Hot workouts + a poor cleansing practice will undoubtedly affect your retention. Pack your lash cleanser in your gym bag + wash your lashes after your workout, before you leave the gym. The freshen up feels so nice, and your lashes + skin will thank me later!

9. You can’t stop touching the fluff!

I know, I know. Your lashes are gorgeous! But stop touching them! Our hands are covered in bacteria, oils and who knows what else! Touching your lashes with your fingers transfer all kinds of debris onto your lash line. The name of the game is keeping your lashes clean.

10. Your lash extensions are too heavy for your natural lash.

Love the look of full volume lashes? Prefer a longer length? It may be too much weight on your natural lash, causing the extension to pop off too soon! Your lash artist should consult with you about shape, curl, diameter + length before every appointment. Here’s a tip! Ask your artist how long your natural lashes are, and how long the extensions are that you’re wearing. The difference shouldn’t be more than 2-3mm

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