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If you need to cancel make sure you give 48 hours notice, there are no exceptions.Upon arrival please wash your hands.  Only arrive at your exact appointment time.  Make sure you arrive on time for your scheduled appointment, not early, not late as I do have other clients before and after your appointment. If you arrive early please wait patiently in your car until your appointment time.

Please have NO eye makeup on, that includes foundation and powder on the eyes.

Come to your appointment with SQUEAKY CLEAN lashes. I alot 10 min for each appointment to clean and prep.  It takes 30+ min to clean and prep when you show up with makeup or dirty lashes which will cut into your lashing time. If you wish for me to clean makeup off your lashes I can not guarantee as full of a set due to loss of time. You may also quickly wash them yourself upon arrival as I understand you may come from work and there is a bathroom you may use.

Please have your contacts taken out before your lash appointment. It is not safe to have them in your eyes while they are closed for a long period of time.

NO CAFFEINE before your appointment. It makes your body and eyes restless making it difficult to apply lashes which in turn can impede on the lashing time. Caffeine also makes your eyes flutter which can cause the fumes of the glue to travel into your eyes causing irritation.

Please do not bring friends or children. You are not able to watch your children during the appointment nor am I, and additional people are a distraction which makes for undesirable work conditions.

Please come prepared to pay with cash, debit or credit and note I do not keep change at the salon. E-transfer is strictly for deposits only if you have issues with credit cards for online booking. 

Please park where it says Private Rockport Parking.  Do not park in 30 minute zones or reserved spots.

Please let me know if you have any medical conditions or sensitivities I need to be aware of on your waiver prior to starting the service. If you wish to have a patch test done please schedule a separate appointment for that 48hrs before your lash appointment.

When booking online you are required to use a credit card. No exceptions. Phone calls will not be answered when I am with a client.  Texting is preferred. 24 hours notice required when cancelling or your deposit will be kept.


Please read policies before booking.

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