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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are a list of commonly asked questions. If there are questions you have that are not answered, please feel free to send me a message and ask me!

How do I choose a lash tech?

  • Do they have proper certification?

  • What type of products do they use, are they high quality?

  • Are they able to answer all your questions in an educated manner?

  • Do they explain the limitating factors on length and thickness to protect your natural lash health?

  • Do they make sure none of your lashes are stuck together?

  • Do they offer patch testing if you are concerned about allergies?

  • Do they use clusters, as these are intended for short term wear and can cause damage to the natural lash

  • Do they instruct you on how to properly clean your lashes?

  • Is the lash space clean and sanitary?

  • Does she discuss with you and understand your desired look in the consultation?

  • Do they make sure you are comfortable in the duration of the appointment?

  • Do they use proper weights, lengths and thickness, according to your natural lashes?

  • Are they able to educate you on the importance of lash health, cleanliness, and aftercare procedures?

  • Do they provide support in the event of an allergic reaction?

  • Do they rush through appointments?

  • Do they have proper certification?

Do lash extensions damage my natural lashes?

No, lash extensions should in no way cause damage (or hurt for that matter!) to your natural lashes if applied correctly by a properly trained lash technician. If isolated and applied one lash (or fan) to one natural lash, they should shed naturally leaving the neighbouring lashes to grow at thier own pace, thus not causing any damage. As important as it is to properly isolate and place a lash, it it just as important to keep them clean! You must be following your aftercare provided my your tech. Maintain your fills and do not let the lashes just grow off.

Can I get my lashes wet?

Absolutely you can! In fact the 24Hr rule is now a thing of the past. This rule is one that dates back many years when lash glues weren't as fast curing as they are now. Many lash techs now opt for a nano mister or even a POST lash bath! Yes, I said that right, a LASH BATH directly after the setting time of the applied lashes! The fumes from adhesive can tend to linger on the skin, so this method will also help prevent any irritation. Most importantly you WANT to get your lashes wet at least once a day via lash bath to keep them squeaky clean! As is  the proper application and isolation of the lashes, this is KEY to great lash retention.

How long will my lashes last before I need a fill?

Just like nails, your natural lashes grow, so they will need a maintenance appointment after a few weeks to keep them looking their best. At an infill we replace the extensions that have naturally shed with your natural lashes, and remove any that have grown out. Humans shed approximately 3 lashes per eye per day. We apply approximately 100-150 (depending on the person) extensions to each eye, so after 7 days you will lose 21 extensions, 14 days 42 extensions, 21 days 63 extensions. typically you will need a fill every 2-3 weeks. The recomended fill time to keep your lashes always looking thier best is 2 weeks. anything after 4  weeks is a new set due to the lash growth cycle.

What if I had a reaction, can I still get lash extensions, even if I take a break?

Unfortunately if you are allergic to the glue you most likely will be allergic to all glue. There are a few ingredients that you could be allergic to, the main on being cyanoacrylate. This ingredient is in all lash glues so if this is the culprit you are not a candidate for lash extensions. In a less likely occasion you may be allergic to the black carbon in the black colored glues. This can be tested by trying a clear glue! Ask your lash tech upon booking to do a patch test 48hrs before your desired lash appointment if you have concerns.

What is a patch test?

A patch test is to test for possible allergic reactions to the adhesive 48hrs prior to your desired lash appointment. Your tech will apply 10  short lash extensions to your natural lashes. You wont even notice them as your tech should blend them as seamlessly as possible. During the 48hrs your tech will assess if you react well with the adhesive.

Hybrid/Russian Volume/Mega Volume

•Classic a 1:1 lashing (one single false lash, to one natural lash)

not offered here

Hybrid is a mix of classic lashes and volume fans creates a natural look

Russian Volume is multiple light weight false lashes handmade into a “fan” to one natural lash (usually 2-7 lashes per lash)

Mega Volume is just like Russian Volume but the fans have many more false lashes in the fan to create the “Mega” look 8-15 fans (this style is very soft and light for weaker lashed clients we just don't need to make them as thick)

What is a Lash Lift & Tint?

It’s like a perm (but without chemicals like parabens or formaldehyde), for your natural eyelashes. It uplifts and curls them from the base of the lash, making them stand out and look longer. It’s often paired with an eyelash tint, to enhance the defining effect. When finished, your eyes look larger, your lashes look longer and fuller, and your entire face looks uplifted.

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