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NEW CC.03 Ethereal Lash Edition

NEW CC.03 Ethereal Lash Edition


8-14 mm

These are so ideal for bouquet, pull and roll, shimmy, pinch and wiggle. Does not work well for lonely fanner’s sorry.

The darkest lashes you've ever seen just hit Saskatoon ! Our Ethereal Edition lashes undergo four separate black dyeing sessions to create the richest, dark black colour and quality available on the market.

The Ethereal are designed to help lash artists create soft, dark, elegant mega sets. Constructed with the best materials these eyelash extensions won’t ever lose their curl!

16 rows, approximately 4,000 lashes per tray

Dyed three times with ultra-dark black pigment to give the utmost deep black finish

The lashes undergo a lengthy double heated process for increased curl retention and durability.

Lash Strip: 2mm with medium stickiness for optimal fanning. Orange in colour for increased visibility.

Foil-backed strips

Fibre Type: 100% Synthetic Korean PBT

Taper: 1/3 taper for optimal lash density

Finish: Semi-Matte

Made by hand

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