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 Lash Extensions,Training and Superior Lash Supplies.


"I've never seen a smiling face that was not beautiful"



Brandy is a passionate Eyelash Extension Artist, Lash Trainer and founder of Rish Bish Lash things product line sold all around the world.  The main goal for Brandy is to create beautiful and safe eyelash extension services that are customized for you and your eyes and to train lash artists to be thoughtful, caring and passionate with top quality products. Brandy strives to achieve excellence through continued education. Each day is a new day to learn more and perfect the art of lashing. Brandy strives to be versatile so she can accommodate any client.  Brandy has acquired four dozen certifications from the top professionals in the world and is currently working on more.  To name a few she met Ilona from Revolashion learning the advanced Bordeaux Russian style technique certification and is the first in Saskatchewan to earn this credential. , Mel from Glitz taught her the Strip Lash Look.  Learning will never end as Brandy is excited for each new theory and is eager to stay on top! 


Brandy has created two beautiful businesses. One is creating a safe space for lash services. It is very easy to fall asleep while she is lashing you.  The other business is her Rish Bish Lash Things. You can shop tried and tested amazing products for yourself!

"You might feel like you know everything until you learn you knew nothing at all, never stop achieving and educating yourself."


Owner Foxy Lashes


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Brandy  @ Foxy Lashes
#208 A-  2002 Quebec Avenue
Saskatoon, SK S7K 1W4

 (306) 291-2832

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