Keeping Eyelash Extensions Clean

When you invest your time, money and patience into getting eyelash extensions, you want them to last as long as possible, don’t you? There is nothing worse than doing something that causes them to start coming away from your face. An important part of ensuring your eyelash extensions last is cleaning them.

What Can Happen if Lashes Aren’t Cleaned Properly?

A common issue that arises from improper eyelash hygiene is Blepharitis. This is a condition people suffer from when they don’t take proper care of their eyelids, and in this case as an example, don’t wash their lashes properly. It is essentially eyelid inflammation which can become incredibly irritating and uncomfortable.

It’s caused by dead skin cells not being flushed away properly and building up on your eyelids to cause inflammation and itchiness. Once this condition sets in, I will not be able to fill the lashes and a removal will be needed.

Wash Those Lashes

To wash them, you need to gently wet your eyes and lashes with some warm water. Then take a little lash shampoo and a lash cleansing brush and work it up into a lather - do not use your fingers. Repeat this part of the process until your eyes feel clean and refreshed. Rinse and dry!

Next, rinse your eyes off, so all the shampoo and excess dirt and makeup are removed from the area and your lashes. When it comes to the drying, much like with the washing, you need to avoid rubbing them, just pat/dab them gently with a soft paper tissue

The final part of cleaning your eyelashes is to simply give them a brush out, glide your lash wand gently through them. Ensure that you never brush your lash extensions while they are wet.

Follow this route twice a day, morning and evening for best results.

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